Hi. I’m Anthony and I play Church music.

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my website! This is the homebase for my music, life updates and a number of different endeavorers. Most of the folks that end up here are people that I have met somewhere along the route in ministry. Some of you stumbled upon here because of my music or the media that I’ve designed. Thanks for showing up!

Here are a few quick links, depending on what you’re looking for:

  1. Want to know more about me? Get to know me on my about page.
  2. Interested in my music? Take a listen on iTunes or through my store link. You can also listen to some music for free on youtube
  3. Designing a website, promotional materials or logos for your church, business or organization? Check out my media company called Country House Media and click here.
  4. Hosting an Catholic event, retreat, prayer service, or conference? Check out The Catholic Ministry Team or contact me directly if you are looking for music, a presentation or a retreat team.

This should get you started. I hope we can connect soon. Feel free to join my mailing list below if you want to stay updated on new music, exclusive details on upcoming projects and random life updates. 

God bless,

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